An online marketing strategy can help take your business to the next level. If you are completely new to the digital space, these 5 steps will be crucial for your digital strategy.

1. Set Up Social Media Pages

Having a social media presence is undoubtedly one of the smartest things any small or medium business can do to get ahead. Social media is not just good for selling products but for also for creating and building a brand. As you are setting up social media consider the social media demographics of your customers. This is where your presence should be felt the most.

2. Increase Traffic to your Website

Along with social media, you will need a website for your company. Increasing traffic to your site is one way to convert strangers into leads. To do this, you should create buyer personas for your customers. This includes getting demographic information such as their income level, age and interests. This increases your chances of generating leads for your company. Other ways to increase traffic to your site includes knowing your audience and creating customized content for them. The content should be engaging and informative if you are to get leads from your site’s visitors.

3. Create Smart Goals

Your goals will define your entire digital strategy and you should ensure that they are practical and achievable. At the same time, they should be specific and easy to understand for all your employees or business partners. If you have too high expectations, they may end up being disappointing, and you risk demoralizing your team. Start small and build up as you see fit. An analysis of your metrics will be able to guide you on building realistic goals.

4. Assess Your Progress

A strategy can only be termed as successful after proper analysis. After you have built a website and set up social media, is there increased traffic? Are there more customers and is there more revenue streaming in? Keeping track of important metrics such as these will keep you in check and help you decide whether the digital strategy is working for you or not.

5. Give Customers What they Want

After assessing your progress, you can decide what customers prefer. You can also get information on what customers want by conducting a survey. If you are a start up and your aim is to provide products that sell, then a survey will help you determine the products that will help you achieve that goal. Once you know what the customer wants you can build your strategy around it. You also need to keep track of any changes in the customer’s wants.

Create your digital strategy today by following these simple steps.

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