These days, every successful business needs to have a solid online presence. Having a strong digital presence means more than just creating a bland website and a company page on social media platforms. Use these four tips to help successfully asses, plan, measure and tweak your digital strategy in order to grow your business and your online presence.

1. Plan and Assess of Current Status

The first phase of developing a mobile strategy is to consider all of the aspects of your brand. Consider your brand’s presence, influence, perception, organic participation and resonance. You will need to choose one or two tools that allow you to gain an understanding of your presence and status in the eyes of consumers. These tools should be used throughout your marketing campaign so that you can have a good idea of where you have been and where you are going. Once you have assessed these factors, you can then work on targeting specific segments of the consumer population.

2. Formulate Your Message to Each Consumer Segment

Once you know where your company is, formulate the message that will take you to where you want to go. As you consider what message to deliver to consumers with your digital strategy, consider what your message is telling your target customers and why they should care about the message. Convene a focus group and find out what sorts of emotions your message triggers in the target consumers. Find out what type of action the story will inspire the customers to take.

3. Understand Your Customers

A successful digital strategy requires you to understand the behavior of your target customers. Find out which social media platforms they use the most. Take the time to understand the technology and social media your target customers use, why they use it and how those platforms may affect your marketing options. Find out when your target customers visit social media, what they do there and what the time they spend on social platforms does for them. Finally, ask what your strategy will do to differentiate your business from that of your closest competitors.

4. Engage With Customers and Cultivate Relationships

A successful strategy involves consistency and realism. Your company needs to be consistent across different social media platforms. Keep track of your marketing efforts on each platform and regularly assess their performance. Involve people of influence to resonate with your target segment and make your brand more relevant. Track how well your message is being received by key groups of people. Regular measurements using proven tools allow you to see how well your campaign is going so that you can make tweaks as necessary.

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