For years, one of the biggest problems facing smaller companies has been the unavailability of high-level business tools. Many smaller companies have been closed out of the arms race because they couldn’t afford to put into place expensive IT management software or hire an entire IT team. These companies often struggled with security, experiencing lapses that made it difficult for them to properly serve their customers. That’s changing, though. Companies around Canada and the United States are finding that new technologies are cheaper and more intuitive. Today’s open source business world is making it much easier for those cost-conscious companies to compete.

The expansion of open source technology
The open source revolution has moved to the IT world. In the tech world, open source technology refers to those software solutions that have been made widely available to all competing in the marketplace. Few areas have seen more open source growth than IT management. Because improving security for companies is a collective goal, some very smart, charitable people have been more than willing to lend their expertise to the market at large. This growth has helped make the best IT technologies more accessible for companies that had been closed out in the past.

Intuitive technologies that don’t require a large IT department
In addition to issues of cost, many smaller companies have not been able to put into place IT systems because of the knowledge gap. Smaller business owners might have good knowledge of marketing, bookkeeping, business development and other skills, but they sometimes lack the technical ability to manage their networks and ensure their company’s security. Today’s tools are helping with this problem, as well. Open source technology is more intuitive today than in the past. It’s been designed so that computer-savvy people can quickly learn how to implement the technology in a way that makes sense for the company.

Companies benefiting from enhanced efficiency
While most people think only of security when they think of it management software, small business owners are quickly finding out that good programs can also provide more efficiency, an important concern in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With companies are hit with security concerns, their workers can be knocked offline. They can struggle to do their work and serve clients in an efficient manner. Competing in the modern world means making sure these distracting events take place as little as possible. For companies interested in getting the most out of their workers, good IT management software is a must. It can help to prevent problems on the front end and fix problems quickly when they do occur. On top of that, good IT software can be a recruiting tool, allowing companies to attract top talent.

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