Cloud-based IT management software is one of the newest trends both in the IT field and in the field of software in general. While cloud-based software can be more convenient in many ways, there are some advantages that on-site IT software still has over cloud-based options.

On-Site IT Management Software Is More Secure

On-site IT management tends to come with more security because those who wish to access your data often need to have direct access to your server. However, when your data is housed on a third party server, it is more likely that your data can be accessed by someone else with something as simple as a password. Also, an employee who loses his or her cell phone may place your company’s data at risk.

Fewer Users Have Access To On-Site Data

Having your data hosted on your own server also greatly limits the number of individuals who have access to your data. If your data is compromised, it will be easier to narrow down whom is likely to be responsible for the breach.

On-Site IT Management Software Is More Customizable

Cloud-based IT management Software are designed to serve a broad range of IT management teams, while an in-house system can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. The most that a cloud-based solution can offer is a series of pre-set options to choose form, but it is unlikely that the program will have the exact solution you need. You can have software engineers create a unique IT management system that solves the unique problems of your business.

Alerts Can Be Customized

One example of a unique customization is a system that sends alerts when a particular event occurs. Each business may have its own situations in which it may need to receive notifications via email.

Workflows Can Be Automated

Automated workflows should be customized to meet the unique workflows of your business. By automating workflows, your business will become much more efficient and profitable. Automatically assign tasks to employees and send email to stakeholders whenever a relevant incident occurs.

Resource planning will likely need to be customized. This is a feature that determines whether a particular employee is available to perform a particular task and then delegates relevant work to that particular employee.

There is some flexibility that is lost with on-site it management software vs. cloud-based software, but there are other areas where flexibility is gained and the tradeoffs can often balance each other out.

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