One of the newest innovations in IT management software are self-healing mechanisms. The basic idea is that such mechanisms can identify a particular problem and correct it automatically. When there are many of these mechanisms integrated into a system the industry often refers to this technology as an immune system. Much like an actual immune system protecting a body, these self-healing components work together to keep a system up and running in an efficient manner.

Identifying and Diagnosing Problems

A key feature of any it management software solution is the ability to determine that there’s a problem. Some problems, such as hardware failure, are obvious. Other problems, such as diminished performance due to a memory leak, can be difficult to detect. With a self-healing system, detection is not the end of the line. Instead, the system queries each self-healing mechanism in order to determine if the problem can be detected and corrected. Whether the issues can or cannot be automatically corrected, the system notifies IT administration, but the priority of that alert will be quite different depending on the outcome.

Establishing and Executing Appropriate Treatment

The majority of most IT performance issues can be corrected by restarting the offending component. This is where self-healing mechanisms save the most time and money. They detect components that require initialization, establish or wait for an appropriate window to take the component offline, take the component offline, reset it and then put it back online. More sophisticated mechanisms can fix routine errors in Web and server services or bring backup hardware online.

Simplify Daily Routines

A task like a component requiring re-initialization is daily routine for many IT management teams. The goal with self-healing mechanisms is that you don’t even notice them. Their job is to handle those daily routines so that your highly skilled professionals can put their abilities to better use. These mechanisms still open and close tickets as a person so that you have a record of the maintenance.

Learning and Evolving

Many IT management software packages that have self-healing capabilities can actually learn and evolve. Sometimes the evolution can be handled automatically, and sometimes it requires a human touch, but in either case, the system is able to grow with the system in order to eliminate the need for valuable person-hours to be spent on routine tasks. Even where this evolution cannot happen automatically, it is possible to expand the system use a new, custom self-healing mechanism designed for a specific purpose that was not previously accounted for.

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